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Monday, 30 May 2011

Ishver interest, Dream and Aspiration

  Ishver’s Interest
(at one jungle in Pangkor Island)
Since my early age of life, I always wanted to do challenging things and stunts. I want to live a life full of adventuring moments. Being a person who has a high arousal need, my interest is to hike mountain and have camping. In addition to that, I also do rock climbing, cave exploration and river rafting. Since my primary school time, I have joined a lot of camping and jungle trekking. 
(At the top of Gunung Rajah, Bentong)
Just recently, I joined a group called Sikh Camping Troopers (SCAT). It is a group of Sikh people who goes hike the mountain once in two months. In May, we went to Rajah Mountain in Bentong, Pahang. The next mountain we plan to hike in Mount Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia.   

(at one jungle in Camerons)    
Other than doing adventure stuffs, I also like to drive and travel. For me, I would love to drive wherever I go. At the moment, the country that I have travelled twice is India. However, I manage to travel to many places in Malaysia. In my personal opinion, I strongly believe that a person should visit his/her country before visiting going overseas. Some of the states that I have visit in Malaysia are Malacca, Perak, Penang, Johor, Negeri Sembilan and many more. The reason I like to travel is to understand people minds, behaviour and emotions which is also consistent to the subject I am majoring for degree: Psychology. 

Ishver’s Dream
            There are some dreams that I would like to change it to reality. I do not agree on dreams. To me, dreams are just hopes. To make it happen, we need to work hard and have aim or objective. First of all, my passion for doing adventure stuffs. One day, I would like to hike the highest mountain in the world which is called Mount Everest. Mount Everest has nearly 9 meter height. In adding to that, I also want to do some adventure stunts which I am fear to do now. Some of the adventure stunts are skydiving, surfing, off-road tour and parasailing. I am really excited to do all this stuffs in the years to come. At the moment, I am trying to remove my fear by using the knowledge of Psychology (which is also a reason of me taking this subject).
(Kayaking at Pangkor Island)
            Moreover, one of my major dreams is to drive to different countries. To me, the destination is not very important. The most important thing is what I experience throughout my journey to a particular destination. As I have mention above, I would like to go off-road with my favourite car which is 4x4 Toyota Hilux. First of all, I will join the 4x4 group. The places I will go off-road are Barney Riley Trail and Deer Valley Trail. Both of these places are in California.
            Lastly, my dream is also to be a motivational speaker. The main reason I would like to be a motivational speaker is because I like to motivate and inspire others. I believe by inspiring other, I also inspire myself. I am always very confident that everyone is unique in their own way. Sometimes, they just need someone to inspire them to do the things they want to do.  So, why not I be the person who makes their dreams come true. Everybody always think about themselves and no one cares about others. But, I want to become a person who cares and treat everyone equally. Also, I want to be a person who inspire and motivate them without caring their race, culture, gender or even nationality.
   Ishver’s Aspiration
            My aspiration in life is to clear all boundaries around the world or world without borders. My hope is that people will not fight among themselves. There will be no more territory war. Every individual in this world will live in peace and harmony. I believe I can accomplish this goal by understanding people needs, wants and demands. How they perceive this world? What are their emotions, perceptions and attitudes towards people of other culture and religion? I would like to answer this entire question to make all citizens in this world to stand together and be united. 

ID No.   : B0900944

Saturday, 28 May 2011

My Interests & Dreams & Aspirations

        There is hardly anyone in the world who can resist  CHOCOLATE temptation. The bitter sweet taste along with its creamy texture make chocolate one of the much loved and much craved food.  Chocolate is my favourite food. Indeed,  chocolate is always the most effective “medicine” for healing my emotions and moods sickness. Whenever I feel happy, upset or stress I will give myself a chocolate treat.  In other words, chocolate acts as a mood regulator as it helps to change my negative emotions to a feeling of inner harmony.  This magical “side-effect” had made me become so interested in it. Hence, my interest in chocolate has led to a vast collection of yummy chocolates and lots of information. Not all chocolates are created equally. Each type of chocolate has different taste and health benefit. In fact, I like rich dark chocolate the most due to the fact that it has more health benefits and its significant taste. The mixture of bitter sweet taste of dark chocolate is so delighted to satisfy my sensory taste. Our life is so much like the taste of dark chocolate which has mixture of bitter and sweet moments. Indeed, everyone will definitely experience some ups and downs throughout their life. Dark chocolate is a great symbol that reflect our roller-coaster life perfectly.

          Moreover, I am a person who has high level of curiosity. I am interested in finding out why people do, say and behave in particular way in certain situations. In other words, I like to analyse and understand the behavior and thoughts of a person. By understanding people and their behaviors, it helps me to understand the inner most of a person more. For instance, whenever I am free or waiting for someone at a public place, I like to observe others the way they behave and react, their facial expressions and their gestures. Hence, that is the reason why I chose to take Psychology course. I found it is very interesting as psychology is the study of human behavior and mind; Indeed, behavior and expressions of people are the most natural non-verbal signal which reflect a person’s personality and character.

        My passion in chocolate has led me to have a dream - Chocolate countries travel. Chocolate is popular worldwide and in different countries it comes in different forms and styles. Thus, in order to have personal experience with different taste of chocolate for each country I wish to visit to different countries such as Belgium, Switzerland, France, Germany and other countries. Belgium and Switzerland Chocolate are the most famous worldwide. If I have the opportunity to travel to Belgium and Switzerland, I definitely will visit to some excellent chocolatiers to get to know well the procedures for making chocolates, the history of chocolate and have a personal experience in making hand-made chocolate.

In  the meantime of chocolate countries travel, I get opportunities to explore each country to absorb the culture and meet the people who live in such an interesting place. By  meeting  different people around the world can give me a much better understanding of how the rest of the world is doing and give me a new perspective of life. Therefore,  travelling around the world is always my dream because it not only gives me the opportunity to explore the different kind of people and their behaviors, but also the chance to taste different kind of handmade chocolate.

what's inside the child mind?

In today era, the world has become more complex and complicated to deal with. The human mind has never been challenged as before. Everyday simple problems needed more and more complex solutions which has become a burden to the human mental capacity to deal with. Today, not only physical health is a concern but mental health has also been found to be a priority. From the very young up to the very old are found wanting of much needed help for a very invisible and pressing problem but nevertheless a very real and present danger. Although psychology has many applications in dealing with the human mind however what I concern the most is knowing and understanding young minds as in young children to assisting them in dealing with the stresses they face daily. Young children nowadays have neither the maturity nor the experience to deal with the demand of “today” growing-up. Failing to deal properly with this problem may have detrimental consequences to the child and inevitably the society at large at a later stage.

child psychology not only the study of child
but also the investigation of you and me,
and how wehave to be this way
Young minds are like doe, which is very impressionable and susceptible to its surroundings. Proper guidance to both child and parents is very crucial in developing a relationship that mould and binds what is to become in the future. This basic unit of a very complex matrix called the human race can see the rise and fall of a family, race, society or a nation. Having said that, it is my aspiration not only works with young children but to do research on their behavioral patterns and tendencies. I believed that with the knowledge and skill that I will acquire while under-going this course would prepare me to undertake a very promising child psychologist towards the making of a better future for the children.

Written by
Kai Yin 
27th May 2011

Friday, 27 May 2011

Interest | Dreams | Aspirations

Name: Tan Xiang Nee
Age: 20
D.O.B: 7/1/1991
Nationality: Malaysian

Hmph, I am a sugar addict or so-called "dessert addict". Therefore, food and desserts would be my main interest. I always craved for sweets since I was young. To me, "sweet" can be represents happiness :)
"Sweet" makes me recalled my childhood memories and sweet memories in my life.

I am also interested in Psychology such as Psychotherapies - Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Child Psychology, and Counselling Psychology. Besides that, swimming and badminton are my interest too. 

Dreams are necessary to life, that's why everybody has a dream. Yeah, I have dreams, a lot of dreams :)  Some people might say that dream is unrealistic. But to me, I think we should not be afraid between the space of dream and reality, as you can dream it, you can make it :) I strongly believe that whatever our mind can conceive, we can achieve it! *this-is-my-belief* :)

Volunteer Abroad 
Since last time, I wish to be a volunteer abroad. Normally, people will only realized how lucky they are when they have witnessed extreme poverty in the other side of the world. Volunteering abroad will give me an opportunity to explore different cultures and language, learn new things, touch lives, and see people S.M.I.L.E :) Volunteer work can be hard, dirty, and frustrating, but I think I will have great fun and it will definitely give me a sense of accomplishment. The most importantly is it will offer me a unique experience and makes me more concern and aware of what's happening around the world instead of being ignorant and narrow-minded. As what people say, experience will make us become a better person :) Therefore, I wish to have an opportunity to participate in those international organizations such as NGO Abroad, Youth Organization, WWF, and IHVO.

Travel around the world  
For me, Disneyland can be defined as the happiest place on earth that evokes images of fairy tales, enchantment, and wonderment.

I wish to travel to the entire Disneyland in the whole wide world. There are four Disneyland and one Disney World around the world. These four Disneyland are located at four different countries such as California, Paris, Tokyo, and Hong Kong whereas the Orlando Disney World is located in Florida. 

Apart from that, I wish to have a whimsical wedding at Orlando Disney World. Since I was 16, it's my dream to get married at the happiest place on earth. I believe that this magical kingdom can makes all my wedding dreams come true. Also, I wish to celebrate my marriage anniversary in different Disneyland. Therefore, after 5 years anniversary, I would be able to travel to the entire Disneyland in the whole wide world :)

I wish to try all types of candies and 
desserts. Therefore, I wish to open a dessert station that sell variety of desserts that invented by myself and a candy house that made by candy. It will definitely attracts little kiddies that love candies to the candy house. I love to see the moment when these little kiddies smiling and jumping around while eating the candies or desserts that they craved for. It would make the atmosphere of candy house full of enjoyment, happiness, and joy. It's indeed a heart-warming moments :) 

Studying Psychology has been my aspiration since I was 16. At that time, with my limited knowledge, I thought Psychology was all about mental disorder and abnormal behaviour. After studying Psychology for one year, I found that Psychology is interesting and I have get to know myself more after learning the theories.
I am interested in counseling and behavior modification these areas. Therefore, I want to be a psychotherapist, so that I would be able to help people around me in dealing with adjustment and personal issues, and relationship problems. Besides that, I wish to have the ability to understand people of different ages in a diverse range of cultural settings and to empower and bring out the best in people, especially my family and friends. Additionally, child psychologist would be my second choice. I love children and I want to participate in those scientific researches that focus on child development. Also, I wish to provide them a better life and future, especially for those children that has been abused in the past.

Written by,
Xiang Nee

Crime Solving Adventures

Kindaichi Case Files (金田一少年の事件簿 Kindaichi Shōnen no Jikenbo) and Criminal Minds have aspire me to be a criminal psychologist. I really enjoy mysteries and crime solving based movie such as Sherlock Holmes.

Kindaichi Case Files (金田一少年の事件簿 Kindaichi Shōnen no Jikenbo) is a serialized Japanese mystery manga series based on the crime solving adventures of a high school student

Sherlock Holmes is a fictional detective created by Scottish author and physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. A brilliant London-based "consulting detective", Holmes is famous for his astute logical reasoning, his ability to take almost any disguise, and his use of forensic science skills to solve difficult cases

 As a criminal psychologist, I am able to study the behaviours and thoughts of criminals and also get to know the reasons why people commit crimes. I believes that becomes a criminal psychologist have to deal with challenging and unexpected case that make my life more exciting, extraordinary, and never boring. Furthermore, the benefits that I get from a career in criminal psychology are the opportunity to help others, challenging and rewarding career, and diverse career paths such as work in criminal courts, in educational institutions, in the government, or work as a consultant.